Mercanti Fiorentini

Given my US sojourn last week I thought it might be worthwhile focussing on some US style in the next few posts.

One of the things I like about US style is their shoes. Don’t get me wrong English shoes are great. However, it seems to me that Americans appreciate shoes more that their British counterparts. If seemed to me that men’s shoes in the US were typically more well cared for the in the UK. Shoes were more likely to polished and there were more shoe shine stalls in airports and shopping malls than is the case in the UK.

Indeed, I couldn’t help but notice that the only man I saw using the shoe shine stall when I passed through Heathrow T5 spoke with an American accent.

There are some great American shoe brands, Allen Edmonds and Cole Haan are my two favourites, and I blogged about them both after my last US trip, around this time last year. Today I’d like to introduce a third American shoe brand, Mercanti Fiorentini.

For the shoe snob Mercanti Fiorentini will not be on their list. They are probably not the last word in quality. MFs do not have stitched soles. They apparently use glue! Shock horror…. Moreover, they are not a brand in their own right. Mercanti Fiorentini are an in house brand of DSW (Discount Shoe Warehouse) who sell mid range shoes. MF is their in house upmarket brand.

However, if you can look past those things them MF have a great range of beautifully lasted shoes which make use of supple leathers and fabulous styles. Because they are a DSW brand you won’t find them widely on the high street. You’ll have to find your local DSW or use their online shop.

I visited in a local DSW store and was really taken by two or three of the MF range. First off are the MF Double Monks. A great looking pair of shoes from a couple of seasons ago. For a great pair of monks for under £100 (around US$150) they are difficult to beat.

Next up are a pair of wing tips in tan with contrasting navy laces. The shoes also come with an additional pair pair of laces in tan for those who prefer to avid the navy/ tan contrasting laces look. A great looking pair of shoes. I did come very close to buying a pair of these myself. They are slightly more expensive than the monks at US$160.

A similar look may be found in the MF cap toe, available in cognac. It’s also a great looking shoe. Even better it is slightly less expensive at $140.

However, the best looking shoe in the range IMO is a pair of cap toe double monk boots, a pretty unusual style, but one that looks absolutely gorgeous. These are a bit more expensive at $200 (around £125). I think they are stunning

All these shoes have leather uppers, lining and sole. They won’t quite have the quality of manufacturing of a Barker or Loake. But neither will they have their price. If you are in the market for a mid range pair for shoes, which are beautiful then Mercanti Fiorentini might be for you. And if you are a fan of US shoemakers, though MF claim to be made in Italy, that only makes them better.

Check out the DSW website for the rest of the MF range.


9 thoughts on “Mercanti Fiorentini

  1. I just picked up a pair of “Texas Brandy” MFs. What I couldn’t understand is that they said the normal retail on them was $295. The DSW price was then $140.

    Where do they come up with the $295? Where does the 1922 come from?

    Anyway, I got them on sale for $30, so it couldn’t be beat for these. I just hope they last a decade because they look so good.

    1. Well done Nathan! I can’t figure out where those figure would have come from myself.

      But $30? You are killing it! What a steal!

      Post up a pic when you get a chance.

  2. I have 4 or 5 of their shoes and have been horribly disappointed by 2 of them. They lasted less than a year and are coming apart! most expensive shoes I have ever bought

  3. I was kind of disappointed to learn my MF were the DSW in-house brand, because i liked them so much. Very comfortable, I have had to have them re-soled a couple times though because the soles do wear out very quickly (under a year).

  4. Kind of dissapointed. Altho may be great shoes lack few important things. First they make a misterious sound when I walk. Yesterday day I almost fell on floor due to sliperness.

  5. I like their style a lot. For the price, they’re a good buy. The leathers are so supple and comfortable yet retain their shape. Who cares if they wear out in 1 yr, it will be out of style in 1-2 yrs anyway. BTW, they say they are handmade in Italy, you can check out their FB page. They do mention their DSW retailing relationship on it but don’t say they’re owned by DSW.

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