The Three Watches Every Man Should Own

Every man needs a watch; not primarily in order to tell the time, but in order more fully to be a man.

Let’s face it, if you really need the time you can get it from your mobile phone. A watch is therefore not just functional, it is also a way of saying that you are no longer pubescent. You’ve grown up.

I reckon every well dressed man needs 3 watches:

  1. The Informal Watch

Fossil Men's Chrono Blue
Fossil Men’s Chrono Blue, £114,


This is the watch you wear most of the time and is equally at home when worn to work as it is when you go out on a mission. It’s the kind of watch that spies wear; functional and classy at the same time. This is a chino and Blazer kind of watch.

  1. The Activity Watch

De Tomaso Firenze

The activity watch is the watch you wear when you are being active. Whether you play sports, go sailing or go swimming, or indeed only dream of these things whilst cutting the lawn, this is the tough watch that you wear whilst doing so. It’s waterproof to at least 10ATM so that if you fall overboard you watch is more likely to service than you are. This is a polos and shorts kind of watch.

  1. The Dress Watch

Skagen_SKW6108, £165 - the Jewel Hut
Skagen_SKW6108, £165 – The Jewel Hut


This is the watch you get out when you’re wearing a dinner jacket. Even if you don’t wear it very often its there for those moments when you need it. It’s probably expensive, or perhaps it just looks it. If you’re going to have a family heirloom watch, this is it.  It is ideally thin so it slips under your cuffs as you will almost inevitably wear it with long sleeved shirts.

For those who have deep pockets you may prefer a very expensive one which will probably outlast you…

Breitling transocean chronograph

I know I said three, so consider this fourth one a bonus:

  1. The Pocket Watch.

Once the three are covered some men value a pocket watch. Particularly if its a pocket watch on a chain worn with a waistcoat. Classic. You know you want to…..

Catorex 182.1.1678.420 Armand Cattin Pocket





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