The Enduring Appeal of the Shawl Neck Cardigan

So you’re looking for a cardigan.  At this time of year they can provide a much needed extra layer of warmth and a dash of colour.  As a general rule I much prefer cardigans to jumpers (or sweaters if you are reading this from across the Atlantic). I think it’s the v-shape across the chest and the buttons which add layers of interest to these eyes.shawlThe best of the breed is the shawl neck cardigan.  It’s a simple addition, but that additional roll of fabric, not dissimilar to the lapels on a jacket just adds some additional visual gravitas.  In addition, it makes it easier to substitute a cardigan for a blazer if you are wanting to dress down a bit but not too much.

Indeed, as the gentlemen below demonstrate you could dress down hardly at all in a shawl neck cardigan….shawl-collar-cardigan5If you’re wearing your cardigan under a blazer or jacket for some additional layering at this time of year the shawl adds some depth and complexity to your layering. Try one made from a textured fabric for even greater  depth and complexity.

For those to whom these things matter, the shawl neck cardigan is not some new-fangled development.  It has heritage and has been a staple in the discerning man’s wardrobe for decades.  However, it is having its moment in the sun just now. So they are not difficult to find.danielcraigshawlcardiganSo if you’re looking for a cardigan, you’ll want it to have a shawl neck.

What do you think?

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