Mainstreaming the Bow Tie

Whenever I wear a bow tie I get interesting looks, and usually a few comments. No one bats an eyelid when I wear a regular tie, even though most of my colleagues abandoned tie wearing years ago. So what’s that about?

Some of the attention is simply because, as Matt Smith’s Dr observed: “Bow ties are cool.”   No argument there from me….  There is something about the bow tie, especially when worn with a Jacket or Waistcoat, or both, that frames the upper body and the face well.  It is such a small thing, occupying far less space, physically and visually, than a regular tie, but it somehow has a significant effect.DOCTOR WHO *embargoed 19th March*However, I wonder if the primary reason that bow ties attract unwarranted attention is primarily their novelty value. We don’t see them all that often so when we do we notice. As you probably would if you saw a man walking down the street in high heels.

There is also the association of glamour. Plain white and plain black bow ties are reserved for the most formal wear, and are therefore more formal than regular ties. However, paradoxically multi coloured bow ties are less formal than regular ties. So whilst you would wear a regular tie if you were meeting the Queen, you’d never go to meet the Queen wearing a bow tie, unless it were a black tie, or even more formal, white tie event. Unless you are Winston Churchill….  But then he probably earned that right.Indy=My basic point is that bow ties attract unwarranted attention.This unwarranted attention means that men may hesitate to wear a bow tie because they would feel self conscious doing so. The only way to change that is to move the bow tie even more firmly into the mainstream so that no one bats an eyelid when we wear one.  So let’s mainstream the bow tie.  Unfortunately, the only way to do that is to wear one with some regularity.  Do it for your brothers….real_men___bow_ties_by_creativeliberties-d32epd6Blogger and school teacher whose pic is the featured image for this post advocates a bowtie Tuesday.  Anybody for joining him and me? you’ve got a few days to learn to tie one….


What do you think?

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