@CTShirts SS16 Has Landed

Earlier this week Charles Tyrwhitt launched its Spring-Summer 2016 collection. As always, it includes a selection of new items across the major segments of their various clothing lines: casual trousers, blazers, suits, shoes, and of course their staple, shirts.

These are added to existing elements of their Autumn Winter 2015 collection.  So if you are pretty familiar with their existing range, it’s most of their best bits plus some new additions.CT Airforce ChinoSpeaking of new additions, they’ve also taken the opportunity to update their website.  They already had one of the best websites in the menswear business.

However, I can’t say that the updates make a great product better.  The new site is certainly cleaner and more attractive in places but it seems to me to be less functional and user friendly in others.

For example, the View All button has gone. So if I search for knitwear I no longer have the option of seeing all the knitwear on one page. Instead, I have to scroll through 7 pages. I get there eventually but it’s hardly an improvement; especially as it wasn’t broken to begin with. Jury’s out on this one. CT SS16 Must-have_11For me the highlights are, perhaps predictably, informal trousers and blazers. Some new chinos and In Between Trousers in new colours and patterns feature as do some great new Blazers. I’m quite taken by the new Border Tweed Blazers, particularly in tan.

Having said yesterday that I’ve not been feeling tempted to break my fast, I think temptation might be about to begin…


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