David v Goliath

You are probably familiar with the bible story.  David is a stripling teenage shepherd who has never fought in battle.  He is pitched mano a mano in single combat against Goliath who is a fully grown man and decorated and seasoned warrior.

We say fully grown…. in fact, he’s a giant.  Not Jack & The Beanstalk man-eating giant, but someone reportedly over 8 feet tall.  So imagine oversized NBA Basketball player and you’re in the right ball park.sumoIt gets worse.  Not only is it a fight to the death; not only is the whole country riding on the outcome (if David loses all his people become slaves to Goliath’s people); even worse, David has no idea how to fight in armour, has no experience with a sword or spear so decides to go up against a fully armed, fully armoured giant armed only with a slingshot! And five stones…. And some prayers…

Long story, short, David throws his first stone, sinks it deep into Goliath’s forehead and he drops dead.  For good measure David chops off Goliath’s head with his own sword.

It’s a scene that could  well have come from Game of Thrones (or so I’m told… ahem). The term giant slayer is born and every time there is a minion going up against juggernaut we say David v Goliath.T&A MOTTLED BURGUNDY CHUNKY KNIT CARDIGAN 2Our Goliath today is Turnbull & Asser. Renown for making some of the best shirts in the world they have been making shirts for James Bond since Sean Connery.  They also make a range of other menswear and have some delectable knitwear.  Best of all they are having an up to 60% sale.

The particular item under consideration today is T&A’s Mottled Burgundy Chunky Knit Cardigan. It employs a rich two-tone yarn combination to create added interest to the textural knit design. With the natural warmth of wool and softness of cashmere, it makes a great alternative to a jacket on autumn afternoons.  It’s beautiful.  RRP £900. Sale price £450.  Serious dosh.T&A MOTTLED BURGUNDY CHUNKY KNIT CARDIGANOur David today is Sainsbury’s TU, they of GOK Wan fame. Well actually Gok designs some of TU’s womenswear. Not sure he does anything for menswear at TU.

Here is TU’s chunky knit burgundy shawl neck jumper. They don’t really describe it, because, hey, it’s TU. You can buy it with your groceries. But it was on sale because it’s from last season.  RRP £18.  Sale price £9. Seriously affordable.IMG_3129So who wins this David v Goliath contest?  Do you go for one of the finest cardigans money can buy, if you can still find one in your size?  Or do you go for the one that is 1/50th of the price and save yourself £441?  You pays you money and you makes you choice.  If you want the best there is only one choice here.

However, for me let’s just say that as a Man of Modest Means only one of these has a slot in my Wardrobe. Hint, it’s the one below….IMG_3125

What do you think?

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