Burgundy Knit Waistcoat

Ever since a colleague demonstrated how a burgundy knit waistcoat could transform an otherwise rather restrained charcoal suit I’ve been on the lookout for one to add to my collection. However, that was a few years ago and it’s taken me until a month or two ago to find one that worked for me.Brown-tweed-jacket-with-burgundy-odd-vest-ascot-navy-corduroy-pants-495x400As it happens, the wait has probably worked out well. Burgundy is one of the colours of the moment, and you should expect to see it continue to feature in menswear collections this year.

Burgundy is a great winter colour, its warm hues add some colour to cold days.  ted-baker-red-knitted-waistcoat-product-1-23508962-3-922132540-normalSpeaking of colour you’ll want to get your burgundy in the right shade. Too bright, and it’s too close to red and in danger of being too loud; too dark and it’s more plum than burgundy and in danger of being too muted. Get it right and it is just so; richly hued but understated.

Burgundy works well with a range of colours: navy, charcoal, olive, and tan. So it will probably work well with most of the colours already in your closet. blazer-waistcoat-dress-shirt-chinos-pocket-square-large-11179In my case, I happen to have a couple of Blazers with burgundy check highlights.  I expect that the waistcoat will simply accentuate those highlights.

It doesn’t have to be knitted of course. I came across a beautiful corduroy example. However, it looked better on the hanger than it did in me. So I kept looking.  I prefer knit partly because it keeps you warm, and partly because it looks slightly less formal.Burgundy Corduroy Waistcoat TKMI haven’t yet got round to wearing my waistcoat but probably will do so next week.  So I may have an update.

Mine was from T K Maxx but I confess I’ve not found it an easy item to find.  That’s why it’s taken me a few years to find one that worked for me.CT Burgundy Knit

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