Winter Warmers: The Case for Ear Muffs

I hate feeling cold.  I spent the first half of my life in the tropics so I have no real tolerance for the kind of arctic conditions currently sweeping the North East of England.  wentworth-miller-earmuffs01But I do enjoy some elements of winter.  It is crisp, it is beautiful, and it provides opportunity for layering, my preferred approach to menswear.  When I am wearing multiple layers, with a good warm coat, and a hat, I can handle winter. Just.

The only chink in the armour of insulation that I wear to keep my naf-nafs from freezing is my ears.  They fall below my hat and above my scarf.  And my ears ache when both I and they get cold.  I’m a  miserable man when I’m nursing cold-induced earache.  Even as I think about it now, my ears have begun to ache.

2015-Fashion-Winter-Plush-Earmuffs-Women-Men-Winter-Ear-Warmers-Behind-The-Ear-Style-Plush-EarmuffsThat’s why I need ear muffs.  For my own wellbeing and that of those who have to encounter me after I’ve been out and about on a wintry day.

A rather stylish friend of mine wore them everywhere in winter.  Having tried some I now do the same. My son seems to wear his all year round.  Probably not to be recommended….

If you are a hat wearer, you’ll want a pair that wrap around your neck rather than over your head like headphones.  The thestyleblogger demonstrates below that you can be suave whilst warming your ears.neck-wrap-earmuffs-suit-blue-navy-style-blogger-650x488The tricky thing can be finding some.  Most menswear outfitters seem not to stock them. Someone somewhere is missing a trick, methinks. Try online if you are looking for a pair.

For ears sensitive to cold, they are perhaps the ultimate winter warmer.



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