Death of the Dandy?

Yesterday I wore a suit. To work.

I was attending a graduation service in the evening and would not have had a chance to change between the office and the service.  So I dressed for the service.

It occurred to me that I had not worn a suit to work for some months. Up until a year or so ago I would have worn a suit to work virtually everyday. Now I am much more likely to wear a blazer with chinos or cords, effectively a mixed suit.  So I don’t pretend that it is a radical change but it is a less formal take on the traditional suit.  What’s interesting is that I don’t recall making a decision to dress slightly less formally.  It’s simply the way my wardrobe has evolved over the last year or so.  On reflection it seems to me that my own move to slightly less formal work attire, has reflected a more general move in that direction in menswear.

A year ago whilst Mad Men was still on our television screens we were still in the era of the dandy.  Most of us were happy to wear a suit trying hard to channel our inner Don Draper.  However after 7 seasons it appears that we have moved in a more informal direction. So does this mean that now that the Mad Men era has passed that we are witnessing the death of the Dandy?  Not even close. The dandy has simply found different, though admittedly less formal ways, to express his sense of style.

So for example, apart from those occasions which require the formality of a suit, a blazer with In Between Trousers is substituted. Instead of a tie, an open necked shirt. Instead of black oxfords, brown or tan brogues or Monks. The overall effect is slightly less formal but no less effective.  Long live the Dandy.

What do you think?

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