Monday Motoring: Jaguar’s New F-Pace

Last weekend I had the privilege of a 24 hour test drive of Jaguar’s all new XF. Look out for the write up of that in next week’s Monday Motoring.  

This week, however, I direct your attention to a different Jaguar entirely, the big release for 2016 of the Jaguar F-Pace.FP_17MY_162_GEE_GALLERY-device_desktop-1366x769_tcm91-186306_desktop_1366x769

The F-Pace is hardly a catchy title but definitely a catchy idea.  It’s Jaguar’s first SUV and draws on Jaguar Land Rover’s undoubted expertise in off road vehicles wrapped up in a far more sexy and luxurious Jaguar package.  But with a twist.

The F-Pace is also meant to capture something of the sportiness and joie de vivre drivability of Jaguar’s F-Type. Hence the name association  So what is offered is the tantalising combination of go-anywhere ability combined with sports car ability.  Effectively, an off road F-Type, then, if the marketing bods are to be believed.FP_17MY_181_GEE_V2_GALLERY-device_desktop-1366x769_tcm91-186311_desktop_1366x769The reality is that the car is not yet launched so no one is in a position to ascertain whether Jaguar will be able to deliver on its ambitions and promises. However the anticipation is building.

You can build a virtual version of the car on Jaguar’s website and you can place your order for the car now. Deliveries are expected to begin in April 2016.FP_17MY_160_GEE_GALLERY-device_desktop-1366x769_tcm91-186314_desktop_1366x769I am not a big fan of SUVs as a whole but I am in the minority. SUVs are one of the fastest growing automotive sectors, popular with customers and profitable for manufacturers so a virtuous circle all round.

However, this one I absolutely love the look of it and can hardly wait to see it in the metal. Plus it’s a Jaguar.  Nuff said.FP_17MY_196_GEE_GALLERY-device_desktop-1366x769_tcm91-186310_desktop_1366x769Jaguar is aiming the F-Pace at lower rungs of Porsche’s Cayenne and upper rungs of its Macan SUV in a not dissimilar way that it has positioned the F-Type between the Porsche Cayman/Boxster and the evergreen Porsche 911.  Given that the Macan is the Sporty SUV of the moment and that Jaguar claims that the F-Pace will outpace the Macan, even if they don’t quite live up to their own hype the car should still be very good indeed.

Engines will include the new 2.0 Ingenium diesels and both of the existing well regarded 3.0 powerplants in Supercharged Petrol and Twin Turbocharged Diesel iterations. The latter promises mighty performance with 300bhp and 600 Nm of torgue, combined with decent fuel economy and Co2 emissions. That sounds like the F-Pace for me!

Look out for the launch of the new Ingenium Petrol engines next summer, one of which is likely to make its way under the F-Pace in due course. Roll on April!FP_17MY_168_GEE_GALLERY-device_desktop-1366x769_tcm91-186315_desktop_1366x769


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