Top 10 Posts for new 5YPers

If you’ve just stumbled across the 5YP blog or are just starting your own 5 Year Project you’re joining a conversation that’s been going on for nearly 4 years.

So where to start?  These top 10 posts might just help get you started and orient you to the conversation.  In no particular order….

  1.  Gentlemen, Size Does Matter4d95da1dgw1elk2ifv3c2j20hs0qoq5x
  2. Building a Gentleman’s Wardrobe (BGW) Year 1 of 5: Covering the Bases
  3. Elegance v Snobbery Paying for Your 5-Year ProjectWardrobe basics
  4.  Building a Gentleman’s Wardrobe Year 4 of 5: Plugging the Gaps, Pruning and Replacing CT Shirts
  5. Care For Your Shoes Like a Pro (part 3)shoeshine
  6. Building a Formal Shoe Collection: What Does a Man Need?FGO 3 mens-dress-shoes
  7. Care for Your Suits Like a ProTornSuit
  8. 12 Things A Well Dressed Man Should Have in his WardrobeTM Lewin, Jermyn Street
  9. Sometimes It’s the Simple Things….idris elba bond10. Shirt Wars Episode 1: Who Makes the Best Shirt? @TMLewin v @HawesandCurtis v @Thomas_Pink v @CTShirts

Shirt Stack



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