5 Steps to Improving Your Wardrobe

So you’ve decided that 2016 is the year to make some some improvements to your wardrobe.  Where to start?  Here are 5 easy steps.

1. Figure out what you need your wardrobe for

Is it primarily for work, after work, or are you a weekend warrior? And if it is for work what is your context?  If you work in an office then you probably need some blazers and suits.  If you spend most of your time doing community visits then you might feel that a suit is a tad inappropriate.  Then again you might not….

The point is you can be stylish even if in your context you are looking to project informality.


2. Start from the ground up.

Never underestimate the impact of a pair of good quality shoes. Go for some classics: black Oxfords, chestnut brown Derbys.

Try to avoid shoes that are overly chunky unless you are looking for an informal look.


3. Get yourself properly measured

The most important thing about style is clothes that fit you well.  It simply does not matter whether the clothes you are wearing are expensively tailored, not in comparison to whether they are tailored to fit you.

Most men wear clothes that are too large. We feel comfortable and we think this cover our less flattering bits.  In truth too large clothing is far more likely to accentuate our less flattering bits.

Blue Grey

4. Invest in some key pieces

If you are starting from scratch you will take some time to build up your wardrobe.  It is a 5 Year Project after all. To begin with, you’re best starting with some key pieces in a small range of interchangeable colours. Navy and grey trousers, white, blue, and lilac or pink shirts and a navy Blazer and Charcoal cardigan will cover most eventualities.


5. Don’t be afraid to experiment

As you figure out your own style be open to experiment with new things.  Even if you are in a pretty conservative environment you might be able to try out new possibilities.  Never owned a pink shirt? Why not give it a try?  Don’t own a bow tie? Learn how to tie one (here’s a useful video instruction) and give it a go. fancy trying out what to do with an old brown cardigan.  Try it as a layer under a grey blazer and see if it works! Sometimes you’ll get it right, sometimes you won’t.  No sweat.  You’ll know what to avoid next time.


What do you think?

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