A Truly M&S Day

This week I’ve set myself the task of wearing shorts all week. I’m working from home so that’s slightly less of a challenge than it might have been had I been going into the office.  As it is, it has been a bit of a challenge, nonetheless, as the fine weather at the beginning of the week has deteriorated.

I’ve gone on record to say how much a fan I am of clothing from M&S Man. for me it’s not just the clothing it’s also the convenience.  Wherever you live you are likely to find an M&S in your nearest decent sized town. So they are accessible.  And I cases where they are not their online service is very good.


For certain items of clothing I go to certain outfitters.  For formal shirts I’m afraid it is never M&S, I look to Jermyn Street for those.  Similarly for chinos, intriguingly. For informal wear (rather than casual geddit?) that is where M&S comes into its own for my wardrobe.  Shorts, polos, cords, and belts are usually sourced here. M&S blazers are also a huge favourite. Having said that I do have one suit from M&S and am eying up another. Fantastic thing in airforce blue….  But I digress.

Given my decision to wear shorts this week it is not surprising that M&S would, feature pretty heavily this week.  However, even I was not quite prepared for how things turned out yesterday.

I decided that I would wear the most recent addition to my shorts collection, a great pair of green chino shorts purchased around 18 months ago in late 2013.  I paired that with a cornflower blue polo with white contrast collar and white feature sripes across the chest. Coincidentally also my most recent addition to my polo collection, purchased last year.

Green ShortsOn impulse I decide to throw in a contrasting fabric belt in a similar hue to my shirt (coincidentally also my most recent addition on to my belt collection, purchased in summer 2014) and finished it off with a pair of slip on loafers in mid blue (also, would you believe it,  my most recent addition to my loafer collection). Finally, because the weather was less warm than it looked I topped it off with a navy rugby shirt. You may have guessed, it was the most recent addition to my rugby shirt collection purchased in the post Christmas sales this year.

For the early part of the morning, whilst out and about I was happy to drape the rugby shirt over my shoulders and tie the sleeves loosely around the chest, risking looking like I had escaped from the set of a remake of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  By the afternoon I needed to wear it to keep warm.Blue suede loaferIt was only this morning as I was reflecting on the unlikely scenario that each element of my ensemble yesterday happened to  be my latest acquisition in that category, that another unlikely scenario dawned on me.  Every single one of those items was from M&S. In fact, the only thing I was wearing yesterday that was not from M&S were my watch and unmentionables…

Yesterday was a truly M&S day.


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