Oxford Boots

On certain days during these winter months, only a pair of boots will do. When it’s slippery or snowy you appreciate the additional security and warmth of a pair of boots.

However most laced men’s boots are in a Derby style, like the ones above. The derby has an open lacing system.  The reasons for this are straightforward.  A Derby style, with its open lacing means that its easier to get your feet into the boot.

However, the downside of the derby is that it is often not as elegant or as formal as the Oxford. The ones above are the exception.  But then again they are made by Gaziano & Girling, who make some of the most beautiful shoes known to man….

Enter the comparatively rare but wonderfully elegant oxford boot.  These are not to be confused with Chelsea boots which do away with lacing altogether, like the examples below.

Oxford shoes feature a closed rather than open lacing system. Closed laces mean that you are not able to run your finger from the top of the shoe’s tongue all the way through to the bottom of the last lace hole.

Oxford boots feature similar closed lacing.  The downside? They are not as easy to get your feet into as Derby boots. The upside?  A great deal more elegance.

With Oxfords there are a number of styling options that simply wouldn’t work as well with Derbies. For example, the super rare whoecut boot.  This is a boot made from a single piece of leather so it has virtually no seams.  Very difficult to achieve.  Very expensive to buy. Very awesome to behold…..

Here are some of my favourites.


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