Moleskin Trousers

In these winter months most of us appreciate clothing made from heavier weight fabric to help keep us warm.  Corduroys and tweeds are two common fabrics which are especially welcome in winter months.

Another winter weight fabric to consider is moleskin.  Anti-fur wearing activists need not be concerned; moleskin is made from cotton but is woven in such a way as to mimic the look and feel of moleskin.


Among the upsides of the fabric is that it is warm, and wonderfully soft to the touch.  In addition, its heavier weight means that it drapes in quite a different way from lighter fabrics.  Best of all moleskin is fantastically comfortable to wear.

In terms of formality moleskins are more formal than chinos or corduroys but less formal than suit trousers. Clearly, the cut of the trousers will also indicate level of formality.  In addition, patch pockets or button flap pockets are less formal than welt pockets.

Tyrwhitt Nale Moles

Over Christmas I’ve added my first moleskins to my collection. So far I am loving them, especially on the frozen days we’ve been having recently. They’re comfy, smart and warm.  perfect for the winter.  Cant think why its taken me so long to take the plunge.

You might want to look into it.

Winter Red Moleskins

Try M&S, Charles Tyrwhitt or Cordings for some Moleskins.


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