Informal does not necessarily infer Casual

I had meetings in London yesterday. As usual, if I have some time to burn between the conclusion of my meetings and my train home I pop into Jermyn Street.

As I always do when on the Street, I popped into my favourite gentleman outfitters: T M Lewin, Charles Tyrwhitt, Hawes & Curtis. Across on nearby Regents Street a visit to Cordings was also on the cards.


Tyrwhitt wins the competition for the most attractive store assistants BTW… They also had their new Spring-Summer 2015 collection in store. As usual it includes some beautiful shoes, ties, chinos, blazers and suits. For some reason, however, Tyrwhitt shirts leave me feeling a bit cold.

Perhaps that is why I spent some time in Hilditch & Key, eyeing up their sale, before popping on to Turnbull & Asser to do the same. Each of these firms claim to make the best shirt in the world.


The young man in H&K was courteous and kind. But clearly new to the job and still learning his product. It was encouraging to see the next generation being trained for succession.

A similar situation pertained in T&A, however, the store assistant in T&A was fantastic; knowledgeable, friendly, attentive without being intrusive, and a font of knowledge.

He demystified their shirts range and tactfully reminded me that they were having a January sale. So some of their shirts were available from £80 (as opposed to the more usual £120).


Turnbull & Asser are known for outfitting Sean Connery’s Bond and were used by a number of his successors including Brosnan. Daniel Craig is now outfitted by TomFord for suits but I don’t know where gets his shirts. But I digress…

One of the new developments at T&A is the launch of their Informalist range. Whilst other outfitters have launched casual ranges T&A are clear that they are happy to be informal but never casual. My guess is that they take their work too seriously to be casual about it.


Struck me that, despite not owning anything from T&A, this approach suits me perfectly. There are times when one wishes to dress informally, however this does not necessarily infer that one wishes to be casual. Informal wear can also be well tailored and carefully selected.

So I’ve decided this will be my new mantra this year. Informal does not necessarily infer casual.


Apologies for the huge radio silence. New job, and new challenges are my excuse.

We’ve got a lot of catching up to do….

What do you think?

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