Monday Motoring: The Ford Mustang cometh (in right hand drive)

If you love cars (and you should), and if you love muscle cars (and you should) then the news that Ford is officially importing its Mustang to the UK in right hand drive should be an exciting piece of news.

Ford are increasingly implementing their OneFord strategy of selling their cars globally, rather than developing for a plethora of different markets.

imageOne downside of this policy is that we are only getting the new Mondeo in 2015 3 years after the US equivalent was launched. They have spent the last 3 years improving it for Europe. The upside is that we get some cars that have not been available on this side of the Atlantic before, the biggest and best of which is the ‘stang.


It’s an American muscle car which means its big and brash with a ridiculous engine, in this case a 5.0 litre V8. Yup. Ford also will sell you a 2.3 four cylinder turbo, if you are more environmentally conscious, or just unable to afford the inevitably stratospheric petrol costs of the V8.


The ‘stang, not unlike the Porshe 911 has real heritage. Launched in the same era, (1963, 911 and 1964, Mustang) they are both pretty faithful developments of the original idea. Unlike the 911 the ‘Stang lost its way a bit in the 80s but has come back on form.

1965-plymouth-barracuda-with-1965-ford-mustang-fastback-side-viewReally like it. A. Lot. Not sure I would spend my own money on one but I would be more than happy to spend yours on it. Moreover, I’m very glad it exists and is being officially imported into the UK, 50 years after it was launched. The Pony car lives again and the world is a better place for it.

2015fordmustangconvertible-7-1024x680I may be getting to know my local Ford dealer a little better next year.




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