Moving House 3: Exponentially Expanding Storage?

You might be noticing a trend here. We have been moving house after all, so it’s on my mind.

As we moved into our fourth house in 15 years it has struck me that our storage needs have increased exponentially. 

When we moved across London in 2005 my wife and I had a double wardrobe each. I think it was sufficient for our needs, but to be honest I can’t remember for sure.

The house we moved to had a master bedroom with a built in closet nearly equivalent to our 2 wardrobes. So my wife had both the wardrobes and I had the closet. Effectively our storage space doubled.


Over the next 5 years, particularly once my 5YP began at the beginning of 2008, I moved from having more than enough closet space to reaching near full capacity. My wife was clearly doing the same. 

 By 2010 when we moved from London to Durham we needed far more more storage than we did 5 years previously. Luckily we moved to a house with lots of storage. In my case my 5YP reached its conclusion in 2012, but continued to develop over the last 2 years. 

So by the time of our most recent move across Durham in 2014 we again needed more storage in 2014 than we did in 2010. Our storage needs are expanding exponentially. At this rate, by 2019 we’ll need an additional room!

However, by then our first child is due to have completed University and may well have moved out. So perhaps we can have her room….?


However, I am not sure that our storage needs are in fact expanding exponentially. Rather we may have been seduced. 

 I had a really helpful conversation with a wise next door neighbour just before moving about the seductive power of large lofts. Her argument was that if one has a large and accessible loft it encourages us to keep things that we might not otherwise keep, because we have a convenient place to put them, whilst keeping them out of our way. A large loft she says, can be very seductive. 

I wonder whether the same isn’t true of all storage? If you have a lot of storage it simply encourages you to store more stuff. The result? You need more storage in the future. If you have less storage, you are inclined to store less stuff. 

Our new house has less storage overall than both of the previous 2 houses in which we have lived. It’s a lovely house, but not over endowed with storage nooks and crannies.

Loft storage

In our 2010 move we hardly got rid of anything. Everything moved with us, including our junk. This year we got rid of a lot, including things we should have got rid of in 2010. We kept it because we could, and because it was easier to do so than to go through the stuff to figure out what was junk and what should be kept. 

 So we’ve emptied our loft. The new house has one but it is not easily accessible, so we probably won’t use it. We’ve downsized our closets, giving away quite a bit to charity shops. And to be brutally honest we’ve also got rid of a lot of junk. 

We now consume less space than we did in 2010 and use the space we do have more efficiently.

Perhaps it is possible to turn back the tide after all….


What do you think?

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