Moving House 2: The Solution to my Storage Problems

So there I was, day 3 of the house move. A wardrobe down, a closet smaller than anticipated, and a room already pretty full stuffed with a king sized bed, desk and chair. Where was I going to locate the spoils of my 5YP?

So I thought and measured and even prayed. Then it hit me. Top Gear has a cool wall. My Favourite Outfitters each use a similar mechanism to display their shirts. So I would construct my own cool wall, in the form of floor to ceiling shelves.

TG Cool Wall

It would consume less space because it would have no doors and would be less deep than a wardrobe. Moreover that it would stretch from floor to ceiling would make maximum use of the space.

It would require a change to they way I stored things. Everything apart from my suits would have to be folded neatly. As there were no doors there was nowhere to hide. That way I could use the built in closet for suits but everything else would have to go on the cool wall.

The only wall available was a small one 225 x 100 cm and I figured the shelves could be 30-40 cm deep without extending too much into the room.

I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted. I imagined it looking a bit like T M Lewin. I figured, I love visiting Jermyn Street, so why not have it in house? I had visions of floor to ceiling mahogany shelving with artful lighting and proper manly ambience. Awesome.

TML Wall

However, common sense prevailed. There was already a good deal of white in the room, so white shelves would probably be better than mahogany ones. They probably would make the room less dark also.

Having consulted with my good wife she suggested that IKEA was probably what I needed, so early the following morning, off to IKEA I went. I hate going to IKEA. I resent the fact that I can’t just pop in and get what I want. I have to follow the yellow brick road. Plus there are too many people there.

On this occasion, however, the storage gods were smiling on me. Within 10 minutes I had found exactly why I needed. KALLAX from IKEA was what I was looking for. Solid looking shelving which came on a variety of colours and sizes. I was very tempted by the black brown but was persuaded that the white was probably the best compromise. That they were inexplicably cheaper than the black brown just made it an easier decision.

Over the next couple of days my son and I had a little building project going to construct and mount these shelves to the wall. Some great father & son time.


In the course of this the location of the cool wall moved at least twice. It became quickly obvious that the shape of the original site was just a little too narrow for the shelves. One of the drawbacks of the KALLAX shelves is that they are fixed and they can’t be adjusted.

The shelves and bed were eventually moved 90 degrees when I very happily discovered that the width of the adjoining wall was exactly right for fitting 7 columns KALLAX shelves and I already knew the height was right for fitting 6 rows. So the cool wall was born.

It has meant that I now have overall about the same storage space as I did before. However, it is being used more effectively so I have a little more space to play with. My wife and I have even done a little space trading. So I occupy a bit of spare space in her closets with suits and she has a bit of spare space in my cool wall for her shoes. Everybody wins.


The room will have three functions. At one end is a small home study, simply a desk and chair. At the other end is the spare/guest bedroom (above pic). Along one side of the room is the cool wall. However, because of the shape of the room if you stand at the doorway all you see is the study. If you enter you then see the bedroom. Only as go go a little further do you see the full extent of the shelves.


I’ve already discovered one upside of storing clothes in this way. As I was packing for a week’s hols all my clothes were to hand and they were already folded. I simply took them form the wall and popped them into the bag I was packing. Simples.

I think this is going to work.

Now all I need is a better name for my cool wall. I fancy Jermyn Wall but it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. Anybody has any ideas?


What do you think?

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