Zero Budget Wardrobe

One of the big things I have been interested in on this blog is the building of a wardrobe by men of modest means. I remain persuaded that if you are savvy with your money, and both patient and strategic with your purchases, you can build a decent wardrobe on a limited budget. 

This blog is filled with helpful suggestions: Make a budget, Buy in the sales, Never pay full price, Plan for purchases, etc. All of this is well and good. (I would say that wouldn’t I….?) 

However, this is a blog which also advises that a 5YP needs to be put in its proper place. You may have other priorities at the moment, such as paying off debts or building up savings, all of which which mean that it would be a little irresponsible to be spending your hard earned on wardrobe building just at the moment. 20140730-232131-84091459.jpg
So what happens if you are not just a man of modest means, but you are in fact a man with no means, just at the moment? If that is the case you might want to put any 5YP ambitions on hold until things change. Consider a wardrobe fast perhaps? 

However, what if that is not a real option at the moment either? Are there any possibilities for building a wardrobe on a zero budget? Actually I think that they are.

So here are 5 top tips to building a wardrobe on a Zero Budget.

20140730-231951-83991956.jpg5. Sell Some Stuff 

Whether by garage Sale or via eBay, one way to build a wardrobe on a zero budget is to sell some stuff that you no longer want or need in order to be able to get some stuff that you do want or need. There are numerous Garage sales about, especially during Spring and Summer. It’s a great way to declutter and improve your wardrobe in the same stroke. 

 4. Change your bank account.
There are numerous bank account incentives out there at the moment. Halifax will give you £100 for switching your account to them, as will First Direct. M&S Money will give you a £100 gift card.
Again everyone wins. You get a new bank account and some cash that is not already budgeted for which you can legitimately spend on your wardrobe. You don’t even have to spend all of it.

3. Get a Cash Back Credit or Debit Card
If you use a credit card and it is not a cash back card I have one question for you. Why not? You want to get that sorted right away.
Obviously, credit cards are not for everyone, and they can be debt traps for the disorganised or ill disciplined. If you fall into either category you should look away now. In addition, if you are not paying off your credit card in
full each month you will pay far more in interest than you receive in cash back.

However, given all those caveats, if you use a credit card at the moment, you might as well receive cash back for doing so. The best ones offer up to 1% cash back, though 0.5% is more typical. Over the course of a year it could add up. What you do with that cash back is up to you….

If you are not into Credit cards, there are an increasing number of debit cards that offer cash back. To be paid for using your own money always sounds like a good option to me. I say if you are going to use a credit or debit card, make sure there is something in it for you.

2. Collect Nectar Points
Sainsbury’s are in fact a pretty decent clothing retailer. They are not going to make M&S quake in their boots, but I have made a number of pretty good purchases there over the years. If you collect Nectar points from any retailer, including Homebase, BP or even EBay, they can be spent at
Sainsbury’s. They have a developing range and have regular sales so your nectar points can go further. You can pick up everything from suits through to accessories at the larger Superstores.

1. Invite others to pay for it for you.
Your budget may be zero, however, that does not mean that this applies to others in your life. Let it be known that you are open to receiving gift vouchers for your birthday, anniversary, or Christmas gifts. Feel free to suggest specific retailers too. It’s not too different from a wedding gift list you receive with a wedding invitation, which makes a helpful suggestion about what to buy as a gift.

Everybody wins on this one. Those who want to buy you a gift have an easy option, that they know you want. You receive vouchers to build up your wardrobe. Easy.

Obviously, you probably get more bang for your buck if you don’t suggest expensive retailers. A £50 gift card for M&S will probably get you more than one from House of Fraser.

Clearly these tips can also be employed by those who want to improve a modest budget as well as those working with a zero budget. If you can combine all of these top 5 tips, all the better. If you can’t implement any of them, then you might want to consider having a 5YP fast. Or robbing a bank…?

What do you think?

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