Happy Birthday 5YP

2 years ago today, I posted not just my first post  on this blog but also my first blog post. Period. Since there have been hundreds of posts, lots of follows, and numerous comments with the blog read in multiple countries across the globe.

Who knew?

I could not have imagined that a ‘skunkworks project’ started whilst on sabbatical could have grown so far and wide.

Glen Check Waistcoat

Now as it enters is third year 5YP is looking to branch out into other types of projects, including finance and cars.  However, it will continue its original focus on style.

Thank you for reading over the past couple of years.  Keep on following, commenting and the sharing.

Here’s to many more years.


One thought on “Happy Birthday 5YP

  1. I just came across your blog and I’m so amazed! I started out my own five year project not that long ago and at that time I couldn’t find anyone who had done this and now all of a sudden, here you are. I’m not building a ladies wardrobe from scratch, but planning what to shop and when to do it over a five year period trying to make wiser and more informed decisions and hoping that what I purchase will last longer. I’ll be following your blog – and you can have a look at mine, if you like. http://theyogasticshoppingplanner.blogspot.dk/. Keep up the good work!

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