New M&S Website

I am on record as a big fan of M&S Man.  I also do a great deal of my shopping online.  So I am pleased that a few weeks ago M&S launched a new website.

M&S Slimfit Herringbone Tweed BlazerIf you haven’t yet checked it out its worth a visit.  Apparently it was years in the making and cost around £150million to develop.

The new site is certainly more attractive than the old and allows better access to images. Some items can be displayed as outfits to get a better idea of which combinations might work together.

M&S Shorts

Even better for bloggers like me it is now possible to get high quality images from the website to reproduce here.  So when I am next raving about the M&S shorts, blazer or shoes that I really like, I can post a pic to go with the text.

M&S Monk Brogue by Joseph Cheaney
M&S Monk Brogue by Joseph Cheaney

Give it a look.


One thought on “New M&S Website

  1. Those are pretty shoes… M&S have good things!

    I am currently looking at a new pair of everyday/day off/slouchy shoes. My current/last pair is coming apart (wearing out on sole, stitching loosening, leather ripping against seams and back of heels starting to let water in) and after 6 years that’s not bad going for something that probably is worn 3 days a week in work time and 5 or 6 in holiday time!
    They are from and after a fair bit of deliberation I have decided to go back and look at their range for the successor to the ones I have on just now: They are fantastically comfy, I can get away with wearing them in semi-smart settings and they work with chinos and jeans equally well.

    Though I haven’t ever paid full price for shoes and I’m not about to start…

    Just sayin’!

    But I’m not sure which ones I like best – or whether I will just go for the same again (colour will then be the choice!)

    I’ll let you know when/if I choose and what kind of discount I might manage? 🙂

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