Cole Haan Colton Saddle Oxfords

On my trip to the US last month I had a chance to have a look around for one of my favourite US shoemakers, Cole Haan.

I’ve written about Cole Haan previously on this blog.  They are known for their saddle shoes featuring bold colours and clever Nike Air Technology which means that their formal shoes can be nearly as comfortable as your trainers.

Cole Haans typically retail for around $200–$250. However, if you visit discount retailers like Nordstrom Rack you can find them at a fraction of that price.

So I did just that.

Cole Haan Chocolate & Navy

And there I found these beauties: Cole Haan’s Colton Saddle Oxfords in Chestnut and Navy.

Saddle shoes, so called because of the contrasting strip of leather over the middle section of the shoe, are a great design. When the saddle is concealed by your trousers whilst standing, they look like a pretty conservative design. When walking or seated the contrasting saddle becomes visible and adds a bit of verve.

This particular example is not only a fetching combination of brown and navy, the brown section has a faux ‘croc embossed’ grained finish. The soles are welted leather with pastel blue injected rubber pads. The shoes cone with two pairs of laces, the light blue ones featured in the pics and a more muted dark navy.


So they are not really for the faint hearted. If the colour scheme doesn’t scare you away, the ‘croc’ finish might.

The upside is that they are very comfortable and the rubber pads mean that the leather soles should be less susceptible to water damage.

They are still available on the Nordstrom website. FYI Nordstrom now ship to the UK.  So you could save yourself the US trip and head for your PC instead….



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