Spring Collection

In the early hours of this morning the clocks went forward. For many this means that Spring has finally arrived.

Some are happy to mark the beginning of Spring from 1 March. This does have certain symmetry about it. it means that the seasons begin and end with the month.  So summer is June to August, Autumn, September to November, and Winter, December to February.

Purists argue instead for the equinox, pointing out that Spring does not start until 21st March at the earliest when there is at least equal daylight.  Diehards, however, suggest that until the clocks have gone forward making the days feel even longer then Spring has not arrived.

CT-Red Ottoman

Whenever Spring arrives it marks the onset of warmer weather (well less cold weather, at least) and will mean a change to your wardrobe. You might still just about get away with cords and a woollen jumpers if you live in the north east but pretty soon you are going to need to move to lighter fabrics and fewer layers.

Spring is always an opportunity to get some colour going. You can move away from darker winter and autumnal hues and into something altogether brighter. This is the season in which daffodils bloom and roses come back to life. So why not explore some vibrant colours to celebrate the start of Spring?

TML Lugano Light BlueApologies for the long radio silence. It’s been 2 months since my last blog post! Unbelievable! Life has been incredibly hectic of late and the blog has suffered as a consequence. I hope to resume normal service in the coming weeks

M&S Spring look book


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