Why 5-Year Project?

One of the questions I get asked every now and then is ‘Why have you entitled a gents style blog the 5-year project?’ It’s a great question, and a fair one. The answer is multifaceted.

The obvious one is to make the point that to build a gentleman’s wardrobe is a 5-year project. At least. I’m at the beginning of the 7th year of my project now and there is still further to go.

However, I had additional reasons in mind when I decided to go for 5-year project as an organising idea. For many years now I have tended to plan my life in 5 year cycles.

Financial football

So many things in life can be accomplished if you give 5 years to it. 5 years is about the period of time it takes to be come proficient in another language, for example, or a musical instrument. 5 years is often the term of an elected government and it requires around 5 years to train for many of the ancient professions. Lawyers, doctors, teachers, and priests all require about 5 years in training.

In addition, my 5 year project to build a gentleman’s wardrobe, was only one of a number of 5 year projects I have been undertaking. My hope was that there would be opportunity at some point to blog about some of those additional projects on this site. So from the beginning I hoped that 5YP might be about more than style.

I think that time has now come to develop the other strands of 5YP. My three most interesting 5 year projects relate to style, finance and cars. In the coming months if you come across an apparently rogue post about finance or cars on this blog, you haven’t ended up in the wrong place. 5YP is merely developing.

Jaguar F type

I have, of course, already posted about finance on this blog. It is a crucial part of undertaking a 5YP. Put bluntly, no money = wardrobe. It is a simple equation. So talking about finance on this sites seems to me a natural development.

Cars, I admit are more of a stretch. But I figure for a well dressed gentleman a fabulous car might be viewed as the ultimate accessory. If you are not interested in cars (or money) not to worry. 5YP will continue to include lots of posts on developing a gentleman’s wardrobe.

Do let me know what you think of 5YP’s new strands.

What do you think?

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