What’s new on Jermyn Street

One of the upsides of a London meeting is the opportunity to visit Jermyn Street either en route to the meeting or on the way home.

It is an interesting time of year to visit Jermyn Street as they are gearing up for the spring collection, whilst trying to eke out the most of their January sales. Charles Tyrwhitt, for example, has already issued its Spring Collection catalogue, which arrived in the post this week, and has already updated its website with the spring collection but none of the items are yet on display in its stores. I expect than in the next week or so the big seasonal changes will be brought in. So if you are after any CT sales, you’ve only got a few days left.

A similar situation pertains at most of the Jermyn Street stores. H&C and TML are also in the last throes of their January sales. However, it was interesting to see big names like Crockett & Jones, Hackett, and Turnbull & Asser also running sales promotions.

There were some interesting trends to note.

Purple Chinos, Charles Tyrwhitt

The Colour Purple
Purple trousers seem to be emerging on the street. Turnbull and Asser feature one in their window and the CT spring collection features one. Less surprisingly, Cordings, well known for bright cords, also features one in its collection.

I am kicking myself because I saw a great pair of purple cords, in my size, at my local M&S discounted from £99 to £32 which I didn’t buy. It was the only one in the store. Partly this was because I don’t need another pair of trousers, partly because it wasn’t cheap enough, and partly because I had no idea how one might wear purple trousers without looking like a berk. Now I have at least a couple of ideas but the trousers have gone. Some less indecisive and more fashion forward person has nabbed them. Whoever you are, good on you.

ct tweed blazer

The Country Set
The tweed blazer is here to stay it seems. Everyone seems to have a selection in their collection, primarily in herringbone or some form of check. I visited Cordings for the first time today, though I have visited their online store a number of times. It clearly caters for the country set, and for the older gentleman. Hence the fondness for corduroys and hacking jackets. It was noticeable, however the number of younger men (I count myself among them) browsing the blazer collection, in particular.

Three piece?
The waistcoat seem to be showing little sign of abating in popularity. It seems to be consolidating its position and a widening range of waistcoats seem to be available either as part of a suit or as a contrasting item, or an alternative to a jacket or blazer. In the Spring collections look out for the double breasted waistcoat to make a splash. It adds a morning suit kind of elegance to your everyday wear.

Sale Now On

Despite the news that our economy is on the mend there was little evidence of that on Jermyn Street. I concede that I might have been there earlier in the day than most, and that many are still recovering from Christmas excess. But there weren’t that many punters on the street and every shop seemed to be advertising a sales promotion of some kind. How much longer this will last is unclear but I confess that I am surprised that it has gone on beyond the middle of January. The point is, if you are planning some wardrobe expansion, now is not a bad time to do it. Not so great news for retailers but great news for shoppers.

The next time you are in London take a visit to the Street. Combined with nearby Piccadilly and Regent Street, there is everything a gentleman shopper might need and plenty more he might desire.

UPDATE: Two days after this post, I popped back into my local M&S. The last of the purple cords were mysteriously back on sale. And they were further discounted from 32 down to 27.99. Given that they had been on sale just before Christmas at £99 that was too good a deal to pass up.


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