Charles Tyrwhitt Spring Collection

The CT Spring Collection is nearly here. The Spring catalogues out and the website updated. Intriguingly. All items seem to be unavailable for dispatch before 20/01/2014. I guess next Monday is the grand launch day, for online sales at least. So what are the highlights?

CT is becoming for me a go to place to look at shoes and I am pleased to note that their Spring Collection includes a number a fabulous additions. Top of the tree for me are no fewer than half dozen pairs of monks. 2 are already part of their existing collection, but there are some interesting looking additions. Two pairs are in suede, in navy and chocolate, and another two in calf, in black and chestnut.

There are also some funky casual additions to the shoes collection in red and blue with contrasting laces as well as the more common formal black, brown and tan items. I can hardly wait to see the new collection in the leather on my next trip to London.

Other highlights includes a new shirt collection, a new set of chinos, with a number of new colours including purple and Cornish blue. However the staple navy, sand and wine remain in the collection. There is some great knitwear including the return of the classic cream cricket jumper above.


Blazers are another big feature. The Tyrwhitt Spring collection include a smattering of lighter fabrics to prepare for warmer weather, including some summer tweeds which are light enough for summer. At this point in January the optimism of preparing for warmer weather is a welcome reminder even though it feels a distant possibility.

Check out the Tyrwhitt website for more details:

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