Rugby Shirts

The rugby shirt is a great item to consider for your wardrobe at this time of year.

When I say rugby shirt I don’t mean the replica kit shirts a bit like football shirts. If you are a big rugby fan feel free to go for those. I’ll pass, thanks. However, what I am talking about are the rugby shirts that look a bit like posh long sleeve polo shirts.

PRL Rugby shirt

The rugby shirt is often brightly coloured and will introduce some colour into your ensemble. It is long sleeved and so might give an extra layer of warmth in the winter months. And it can be worn like a cardigan, over a more formal shirt to dress down an ensemble.

So if you find that you need to move from a formal work context to an informal one, try popping a rugby shirt over your formal shirt and take off your tie. Perhaps you don’t even need to remove your tie…. Transformation complete.

Rugby shirt, Blazer, Shirt & tieThere is something about the rugby shirt, that suggests a certain amount of class, perhaps because rugby has a tradition of being a sport for the well heeled. I will always remember my son, who took up rugby in primary school but sadly has now dropped it, explaining that rugby is a hooligan sport played by gentlemen whereas football is a gentleman’s sport played by hooligans….

There are some moments which you want to wear an additional layer and a jumper of cardigan doesn’t quite feel right for the occasion. Perhaps you might consider the rugby shirt. Alternatively if you want something soft and comfortable in which to chill you know where to look.

Navy Red stripe rugby shirt, Charles Tyrwhitt
Navy Red stripe rugby shirt, Charles Tyrwhitt

Try Savile Row Company for rugby shirts from 15.99. See also Charles Tyrwhitt from 49.99 or Polo Ralph Lauren from £100.


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