New Year, New Project?

The beginning of a New Year is an opportunity to set goals and to reflect on what is past.  It’s a time of New Year’s resolutions and galvanising.  It is a time when we make decisions about our future.

I proposed to my future wife on New Year’s Day, only a few hours into the New Year before we’d got home from the New Years’ Eve celebrations.  A bit cheesy, perhaps, but it worked.  She said yes…..

At the beginning of each year I set goals for myself in various areas of life and I find it a helpful way of thinking about where you want to go in the future. It’s the reason that gym memberships are taken out in January more than any other time of year. That we routinely overeat at Christmas I imagine only exacerbates the situation….


So now that we are in a New Year it might be time to set yourself a new project. It might be that you want to get your own 5YP going. This may have nothing to do with Building a Gentleman’s Wardrobe.  There are plenty of other projects you might like to explore.

For example learning a new language, learning an instrument, taking a course. It might be something far more tangible and material such as setting some financial goals or planning to lose weight or run a marathon.

Some of these projects can be completed in 2014.  More ambitious ones might take half a decade to complete. Either way, it’s worthwhile setting yourself some goals even if you fail to accomplish them.

Why?  Because without some goals you are less likely to achieve anything of significance. Even more importantly, without some goals there is a danger that it might not even register that you have failed to achieve anything.  So if all that is achieved over the next 12 months is a recognition that you have failed to accomplish what you set out to do in 2014, at least you can register that lack of achievement and aim to do better.


So what will your 2014 project(s) be?  If you haven’t given it any thought why not take some time to think about what you would like to be able to ay you have done by this time next year.  Then give it a go.

You might even blog about it….

Some later posts this month will reflect on alternative 5YPs that I have been engaged in.  See if they give you any ideas.  Its never too late to set some goals


What do you think?

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