Festive Colours?

For many people in Britain the Christmas period will mean that offices shut down for the season over the next few days. For a lucky few that will mean this weekend. For others it will be early next week

In the days leading up to Christmas the mood in many workplaces will be, shall we say, ‘festive.’ Some will feel that it is a good time to wear a Christmas jumper, the more hideous the better. The more restrained might consider Christmas socks or a tie. For the well dressed gentleman you might consider wearing some festive colours.

supergirl_santa_2011_colours_by_steveandrew-d4j3emtWhat are festive colours you might ask?  These are colours that you might not normally be inclined to wear together but given that its Christmas you make an exception.  In any case it beats wearing the Christmas jumper (or sweater if you live on the other side of the Atlantic).  So here are my three favourites.

1. The Santa

A simple set of colours, which reflect Santa;s iconic red white ands black colour scheme.  Clearly this is easier for women to get away with than men as the super girl Santa picture above demonstrates. (Superhero anoraks check out the decorations on the tree….)

We men are unlikely to have a red suit sitting about. If you happen to be one of the few men that do, please do leave a comment to explain yourself…  Assuming you don’t, you might have a pair of red trousers.  Failing that, burgundy is a reasonable alternative.

The Santa

Combine with white shirt, black blazer, cardigan or waistcoat and, voila, you’ve got the festive Santa colours done. If a white shirt feels too stark a contrast form the trousers try substituting grey. If you want to push out the boat why not pop on a deep red bow tie.  Alternatively, pair a red waistcoat or cardigan with black or charcoal trousers white shirt and black boots.  But this is less edgy.

Don’t feel you have to stick too slavishly to the colour scheme though. The example below just rocks, and works whether festive season or no…


2. The Elf

Similar idea to the Santa but this time you are combining red and green.  A little more tricky, partly because these are not colours you might naturally combine, and partly because many men fail to have anything green in their wardrobe.  If you don’t then you could always make canny use of green accessories, as below.

The Santa 2

If green does feature in your wardrobe, how about green cords with a red striped shirt?  Or matching a green blazer with red or burgundy trousers? For some reason a green shirt with red trousers does not sound to me like it would work as well, but I’m open to suggestions.


3. The Christingle

If you are unfamiliar with the Christingle, its an orange, wrapped with a red ribbon, with a candle in the top and four cocktail sticks of sweets representing the four corners of the world and the four seasons and the fruit of the earth. The ribbon represents the blood of Christ and the candle the light of the world. Feel free to Google it.


In any case the Christingle is an invitation to wear orange.

Tyrwhitt Orange Jumper Navy Cortds

If you have the boldness to combine it with a splash of red somewhere, feel free but for most people a bright orange jumper is enough and perhaps would be combined with something like navy or charcoal to tone it down. The very well stocked wardrobe might even contain some orange cords.  if so this is the time to get them out of storage.

A Sauvage Burnt Orange Cords
A Sauvage Burnt Orange Cords

Over the last week I’ve give each one of these festive colour combinations a try as an alternative to the Christmas jumper.  If you are feeling festive and creative why not give it a go or come up with your own festive combinations?  If you do drop me a comment to let me know.  If none of these float your boat, you could always try some Christmas socks….


3 thoughts on “Festive Colours?

  1. Some good ideas here for colour combinations that look interesting and festive yet still very smart and cool!

    For my Christmas Carol Service I’ll be wearing a black clerical shirt with black trousers, black jacket and a bright red sleeveless pullover (having been unable to find a red waistcoat to fit me). If I wasn’t a minister I’d replace the clerical shirt with a white shirt and mid green tie.

    1. Sounds good Rick. Merry Christmas and hope the Carol service goes well.
      On another note, did i hear that you were planning to start your own style blog? How is that coming? Send me the URL!

  2. Merry Christmas to you too Calvin. I have started my own fashion blog, but so far only written one post. The idea was to reflect on dressing well on limited resources, using charity shops and such. The URL is http://budgetpersonalstyle.blogspot.co.uk.

    I will be making my second post tomorrow on coats, inspired by a fortunate fjord d yesterday of a full length wool/cashmere coat for £15.

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