Shoe Envy (Post # 200)

My wife and I went to dinner with friends the other day. I was looking forward to this, not just cause I like these folks and we were long overdue getting together. On top of those, one of them is undertaking his own 5 year project. To be fair, whether his will turn out to be a 5, 3, or ‘rest of his life’ project, is not really for me to say. What was important was the opportunity to talk about style.

Women are often very at ease about speaking about style amongst themselves. We men find it difficult to talk about it, with other men, I suspect because, we men don’t feel very macho when we do so. So spending an evening with a kindred spirit, with whom I could compare notes and feel no less manly as a result is a rare privilege.

SW Single monkIt was my wife who noticed them first. ‘Oh my,’ she said, ‘Has he seen them? You are just going to tempt him now….’ She wasn’t wrong. My friend was wearing a great pair of single monks. I was immediately struck with a certain level of shoe envy. In part this was because I still do not yet have a pair of monks in my collection. However, this was also because they were a great pair of monks.

SW monk

The shoes were from Samuel Windsor. I have admired their shoes for a number of years but have never taken the plunge. However, I have mixed experiences with Samuel Windsor thus far. Earlier this month I ordered a pair of semi brogues from SW’s prestige collection. First off, they sent the incorrect shoe. The box was correct, but the contents didn’t match the box. Instead I received a pair rubber soled Oxfords. To be fair the Oxfords were lovely, though more chunky than the website pictures suggested, but not what I was looking for. On my second attempt the correct shoes were dispatched.

They were fine. In fact better than fine; they were thoroughly decent. Unfortunately, I was looking for more than decent; I was looking for awesome. So they went back too. My main concern, if I am honest, is that they didn’t quite look to me as though they had quite the finish that one might expect. I believe that SW claim that their shoes are hand made. So perhaps this is the outcome of hand made shoes. If so, I was a little underwhelmed.


However, my friend’s SW monks looked great. And appeared to be finished extremely well. And in a fab burgundy-brown colour too. Perhaps I was too hasty in discounting Samuel Windsor. Might need to have another look. In the mean time I continue looking to add some monks to my collection.

On another note this my 200th post.  Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Shoe Envy (Post # 200)

    1. This site doesn’t sell anything but I am happy to recommend my three favourite retailers.

      See today’s blog (17 dec 2013) on Pre Christmas sales

    2. I have had the misfortune to purchase Samuel Windsor shoes on 3 separate occasions (that’s right – 3 how dumb am I!) and every time I have been disappointed. I actually have a pair sat in my wardrobe right now that have never been worn despite being ordered 6 years ago – i just cannot bring myself to slip them on and then deal with the inevitable disappointment! Simply put these things fall apart at the mention of moisture let alone getting near any. The finish is OK (not great) and I am sure they must have a machine called “Hand” and this is what finishes the shoe! In summary – AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE

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