Introducing Herring

For shoe aficionados, particularly those who are fans of English shoemaking, there are a number of shoemakers who are well known. Whatever you think about them you will probably be familiar with names like Barker, Church’s, Loake, Tricker’s, Crocket & Jones, John Lobb, etc. Depending on your budget you will be more or less familiar with these names but they are relatively common on the high street. Herring, in contrast, is less well obvious., with a heritage stretching back to there 1960s rather than the 1760s. So who are they?

Herring are British company who work with a number of other British shoemakers who manufacture on their behalf. So Herring, for example, produce a range of shoes in Loake overseas factories as a way of keeping costs down but also have their own factories here in the UK. They have a similar range in collaboration with Alfred Sargent.

I confess that I have no personal knowledge of Herring. My shoe collection regrettably does not yet include a pair of their shoes. So what follows is merely an opinion expressed from afar, and without any insights into how Herring’s quality would compare with some of the other English shoemakers listed above.

What I like about Herrring is the shape of the last of some of their shoes and the creativity of the styling. Men’s formal shoes come in a limited range of styles. The more formal the more limited the range of styles and therefore what really sets one shoe apart form another is the shape of the last, the quality and finish of the leather, and the level of comfort for the wearer.

I like my formal shoes to have a lean and narrow shape, coming to a relatively pointy, preferably slightly square toed conclusion. Herring’s range has a number in this category.

You can find Herring in some good quality shoe stores. However you might be best served by viewing their website. Their range includes made to measure and well as ready to wear.

They might be worth checking out. If you already have a Herring in your collection perhaps you could leave a comment to let me know what you think as a consumer.


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