Brooks Brothers Bow Ties

If you are a tie wearer you might want to consider mixing it up by occasionally wearing a bow tie. 

I am not sure what it is, whether it is their novelty or simply the fact that a bow tie accentuates the V shape of a jacket’s lapels, or whether it conjures up Bond-esque images in the mind, bow ties are really quite a fabulous addition to your accessories.

If you are looking for some bow ties you might consider American gentleman’s outfitters, Brooks Brothers.

Bow tie

Brooks, like Charles Tyrwhitt, are a full-scale quality outfitter.  They can outfit gentlemen from head to toe. Their bow ties are among some of the best, not merely in the quality of the tailoring but also in the imagination of the fabrics and colours.

If purchasing a bow tie I recommend that you get a self-tie rather than pre tied bow.  The self-tie is less neat and more authentic.  If you have no idea how to tie a bow tie, it is for things like this that Google was invented.


I am partial to ties in regimental stripes. I am no less susceptible when it is a bow tie. The Brooks striped bow ties are available in a range of contrasting colours. For those less enamoured with stripes, or wishing to wear a bow tie with a striped shirt then there are other options available.

The ties are well made form fine silk and the fabric is in fact woven in the UK, though the tie is manufactures in the USA.  Prices are from £29 and shipping to the UK is a further £10.


For a slightly less expensive EU based alternative try

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