Green Hacking Jacket

One of the gaps in my collection is a green hacking Jacket.  A Hacking Jacket is a jacket traditionally worn when riding a horse and designed for that purpose.

Traditionally hacking jackets have a single rather than double vent at the back in an attempt to make the jacket look more elegant when on horseback. In addition the slanted pockets are meant to be more accessible than horizontal ones whilst on horseback. That they designed to be hardworking country jackets means that they tend to come primarily in a range of greens, tweeds and tans.

Bladen_Hacking_Jacket_BLCLJ24These days hacking jackets are not restricted to the horse riding set.  In the same way that tweed jackets have long transcended their hard working farming and outdoor roots, so too the hacking jacket has transcended its original roots.

These days then the hacking jacket is more likely to be used as a semi formal blazer by someone who has only ever seen a horse on television…..

CT Blazer The great thing about a hacking jacket, is that it is one of the few blazers that one will find in green. Men’s blazers in navy or grey or tan are a dime a dozen but when was the last time that you saw a blazer in green?

And despite (or because) green is in such an unusual colour for men it has a wonderfully quirky look which is both smart and relaxed. They work as well with casual trousers like chinos cords and jeans as they do with more formal trousers.


The hacking jacket makes such a great blazer that even James Bond has been known to wear one. It’s no wonder that I want one.  You might want to look into it yourself….

Green Blazer


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