November: Movember Begins

The month of November is the month of ‘Movember.’ Now if you’ve never heard of Movember I know what you are thinking: ‘Mo Farar may be one of our most popular Olympians but even he can’t have managed to name a whole month after himself!’ Don’t worry; he hasn’t. Nor is Movember going to require at we regularly go around doing the ‘mo-bot.

London Olympic Games - Day 15Movember is about something else entirely. It’s a month for growing a moustache or a ‘mo.’ For those who like facial hair or who have been hankering to channel their inner Tom Selleck this is good news. For those who prefer to try and imitate vintage Beatles, this is also good news. For those whose ‘mo’ is more likely to make them look like a Shaolin master from a 70’s Bruce Lee film, it’s not such good news.


However, it is all for a good cause. Movember aims to raise awareness, and raise money, for a range of men’s health issues, including testicular and prostate cancer, and mental health.

Given that we men are statistically less likely to visit the GP than our female counterparts we are also less likely to be diagnosed sufficiently early to enable the most effective intervention. Moreover, there are a number of charities working towards the alleviation and eradication of a number of women’s health issues, breast cancer being the most well known. However, there are comparatively few men’s health charities.


So whether you are male or female, growing a ‘tache’ or not, Movember is worth your support. Give some money to those who are involved in Movember. Better yet grow a ‘mo’ yourself to show your support. Even better still, get a group together, register at and raise some money for charity. You know you want to….


What do you think?

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