Handling a Red Wine Spill (on your favourite Blazer)

So my wife and I were leading a function with 30 or so folk, mostly married couples, which began with wine and nibbles. 

The room was full and a little over warm and since I was expecting to speak for around 90 minutes or so, thought I better take off my blazer. I placed it on a nearby table.

As we were about to begin I caught my wife’s eye.  She was wide eyed and I could see her out of the corner of my vision mouthing to one of the couples: ‘He won’t be pleased!’ As I looked over the woman said, it wasn’t me it was him!  She had put her glass of red wine on the table next to my blazer and her husband had knocked it over.  He was mortified but there was little to be done.

The result was a large burgundy blotch on my favourite blazer, my most recent, and from Hawes & Curtis no less! The basic rule with a red wine spill, or any other spill for that matter, is respond as soon as possible. However, I was about to begin a session which meant that I would not be able to do anything about this for the next two hours at least.  My wife soaked up the excess wine with tissue paper but we then had to get on with the session.


But that was the bad news. The good news is that the blazer was a darkish blue, and luckily the spill was on the inside of the blazer on the underside of the buttons; it did not spread to the lighter coloured lining. Best of all, in part due to my wife’s quick actions and the fact that the blazer is made of corduroy, very little wine soaked through to the other side of the fabric.

One of the best ways of dealing with a red wine stain is with warm water, whilst the stain is still wet. The water dilutes the stain and is less likely to discolour the fabric.

So immediately upon getting home about 2 hours later I used a damp flannel first to dab the spill area.  Once most of the wine was absorbed I could use a slightly more wet flannel to wipe the area, being careful not to end up soaking the area.  Luckily as the inside of the jacket was more stained than the outside I could concentrate on the inner panel. Any consequences of  rubbing that panel would be less visible.


Once I had cleared as much of the stain as I felt as going to be possible I hung the blazer on a hanger in a well ventilated area to allow it to dry naturally overnight.  I also sprayed it with some fabric freshener spray to attempt to counteract the smell of wine.

To my delight the stain has come out completely. The only consequence was that the blazer smelt of wine for few days.

I was pretty lucky. Had I been wearing a cream blazer or a blazer made of less thick material like linen rather than corduroy, the outcome would likely have been very different.  As it happened my favourite blazer has emerged unscathed.  Look’s like there is a God and she loves me……  Or maybe just the blazer….

For more information on red wine stain removal I found the following website very helpful: www.redwinestainremovers.com


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