Now that autumn is upon us, those who live in the northern hemisphere need to be prepared for rain. Now you could, of course, simply get an umbrella. But sometimes you need more than a brolly.

On really windy days, like today, when up to 90mph wind are predicted, an umbrella won’t stay up.  A raincoat is needed instead.  And when you’ve spent time making sure your ensemble looks great it would be a shame to cover it all up with an ill fitting and shapeless raincoat.

So if your collection does not already include one you might want to look into a raincoat.

Burberry-Trench-CoatI’ve just done so, buying my first raincoat in 20 years. Yep, that’s right.  I’ve only ever bought 2 raincoats in my life, one earlier this year and the last one in the Christmas of 1993.

Back in ’93 I was a student and spent my first Christmas in England with my uncle. He bought me a raincoat in the post Christmas sale from C&A.  Anyone remember them? Crazy huh?  And I still have the ’93 raincoat.

It’s a mac which reaches down to my calves and so is very effective at keeping the rain away. However, I don’t wear it much these days because it simply does not fit very well.  Indeed it never did. However, ’93 was long before I discovered my perfect fit.

zachary-quinto-GQSo I’ve been looking into a raincoat over the last 12 months or so and found a great one at M&S a few weeks ago. It is made from M&S stormwear, the branding M&S use to describe material which has had water resistance treatment.

It is also a mac, but a slightly shorter one, reaching just above the knees. It is lightweight which makes it a great coat for less cold days, but isn’t quite warm enough for wintry days.

I’ve got to say, it looks great. That it was discounted from £99 to £37 made it even better.

M&S Trenchcoat with Stormwear
M&S Trenchcoat with Stormwear

And let’s face it we can always use a bit of style on a grey and wet day.  Best of all, a raincoat means that your suit is kept pristine from water damage. A garment that looks good and has some practical value is a great proposition.


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