Good News for Braces Wearers

I am a huge fan of braces. (If you are not a Brit and feel a bit confused by that statement braces are also known as suspenders in the US and Canada).  

Braces help your trousers to sit exactly where you want them to, because they enable your trousers to hang from the shoulders rather than from the waist or hip.

They also enable you to add a little bit of colour, should you so wish.  Gordon Gekko’s famous red braces from Wall Street, come to mind.

Best of all braces allow you a chance to channel your inner Bond.  If you’ve seen the last James Bond Film, Skyfall, you can’t help but notice how much braces feature.

SUS-CL-WHITE_medium-01Braces add a certain je ne sais quoi. Given that braces are an alternative to a belt, no one takes any notice when I’m wearing a belt, but pop some braces on and for some reason the attract attention. To be fair, quite often, such attention one could do without.

If you are not a wearer of braces you might want to look into it. Make sure they are the button-on variety though.  The clip-on variety look like you just couldn’t be bothered to do the job properly.

If you are already a wearer of braces I’ve got good news.  Formal Tailor are having a 20% discount, this weekend only, until 28th October 2013.

Formal Tailor Button on 3.5

Formal Tailor sell rather more than braces, however they have some of the most affordable decent quality braces in the UK. They are not the last word in quality, for that you would need to pay up to 10 times as much.  Nonetheless, given what you are paying they are very good. In particular, I like the fact that the clasps are finished in stainless steel rather than brass.

They are one size and adjustable.  This means that whatever your size they will fit.  However, I find them pretty long and given that I’m, a little over 6 feet tall I would expect that they might be too long for anyone under 5 feet tall.

Formal Tailor’s braces range starts as low as £7.95 and with a 20% discount this weekend that means braces for as low as £6.36. Even better, UK mainland postage is free and international postage is available from under £2.00.


If you are new to braces I recommend the 3.5cm wide button on braces in solid colours. If you like your braces to clash with your shirt then the colours don’t matter too much. For a more subtle look you might consider braces which are a similar shade to your shirt. Pale blue braces with a pale blue shirt, for example, will be more subtle than wearing red ones or even navy ones to match your trousers.

You’ll need to act quickly however. The 20% discount, which applies even to items already discounted, will only last this weekend.


What do you think?

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