Fossil Watches

Over the last few weeks I’ve been obsessing about watches. I have a number of watches in my collection, 4 to be precise. 1 casual and 3 formal, the latter 3 comprise one with a metal strap, one with black leather strap and one with brown leather.

However, only one of these watches is a half decent one. The others are cheap items, each costing less than a tenner. The cost of replacing the battery is greater than the cost of the watch itself!

FS4828_mainUp until now, I’ve never really seen the need to spend any money on a decent watch. The one half decent watch I have, I bought used from a boot sale, also for under a tenner. Ten US dollars, to be more precise.  And that was nearly 15 years ago. So you might understand why I feel that it is long overdue that I acquire a decent grown up watch.

For a while now I’ve been eyeing up Fossil Watches. Fossil are an American company offering good quality watches which are pitched at accessible prices.


Fossil are not at the top of the league. Not even nearly. Top of the line watchmakers like Omega, Breitling, Tag Heuer or Patek Phillippe produce watches which cost well into 4 figures. Even if I had the money I am not sure I could spend that kind of money to tell the time.

Fossil are located at the less rarefied end of the market. Their watches have great style and solidity, are waterproof from 5 to 10 ATM and are both classic and modern. Fossil’s party trick is a novel feature in the watchstraps which allows them to be easily interchanged.


I am particularly taken by a particular model: blue face, expresso watch strap, knurled stainless steel case. In fact I am so taken, I’ve taken the step of ordering it, and am waiting for it to arrive.

So I am excited about finally getting a grown up watch.  That it’s a Fossil just makes it better.


What do you think?

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