Only Buy if It’s Fabulous

I’ve been developing a new motto: only buy if it’s fabulous. Here’s why.

I am a self confessed collector of fine things, especially fine clothing. Having spent the last 5 years building up a gentleman’s wardrobe, it is now full to bursting of great things.

However the collecting impulse is still strong. So how do I restrain myself?  Simple.  Only buy if it’s fabulous.

Glen Check Waistcoat

One of the great things about completing my 5-year project is that I have a pretty comprehensive range of items in it. So most things that I am inclined to buy I often already have something not hugely dissimilar in my wardrobe.

So as I try to Fill the Gaps I am interested in adding to the wardrobe only if its fabulous. My wardrobe already includes a number of items which are thoroughly decent.  They may not be the last word in quality, or the absolute best fit.  But they are pretty good.

I have no need to add to my collection more items which are pretty good.  I already have plenty of pretty good. What I am after is fabulous. Or else there is little point in creasing an already large collection any further.

The problem with fabulous is twofold. First, no one needs fabulous.  Pretty good would do for most people. So holding out for fabulous feels a little indulgent. Second, finding fabulous is not easy. Occasionally one might come across fabulous through sheer serendipity. However, looking for fabulous takes time and energy and patience. It requires saying no to pretty good in the pursuit of pretty awesome.

Grey Herringbone blazer CTAt the moment I am evaluating 2 blazers.  One is an interesting shade of grey, and double breasted. It’s been discounted by 60% so it is good value. That I don’t have any DBs among my blazers makes it a nice way of broadening my collection.  It’s a nice enough blazer but the question I haven’t yet figured out is it fabulous?

The other, also in grey, is a wonderful woollen herringbone that fits me wonderfully. It is not on sale, it is single breasted, like every other blazer in my collection. So it’s not an unusual addition to my collection. But it is without a doubt fabulous.  Guess which one is assured a place in my collection….?

So how might one differentiate between pretty good and fabulous?  Fabulous is the one you genuinely don’t want to live without….


What do you think?

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