H&C Visit

Earlier this week I visited the H&C flagship store on Jermyn Street, whilst I was in London for a meeting.IMG_2308

I didn’t need anything, nor did I buy anything on this trip. However, I did come close. I was particularly taken by a plain navy & blue twill extra slim fit double cuff shirt, however it was not available in my size. It looks like the extra slim fit shirts only go up to a max size of 16 but I need a 16½.

One of the first things you notice is that H&C are celebrating their centenary.  Their 100 Years logo is prominently displayed outside the shop and 1913 displayed on the inside.  Shirts are currently on offer at £29.13 or £19.13 (geddit?). They also have a 1913 Collection  to mark the centenary

The point of visiting the shop was to soak up some of the atmosphere, have a look at some of the merchandise (a more preferable exercise in store than online) and to get some style ideas from the shop window displays.

IMG_2312As usual the staff were courteous and helpful, the displays beautifully and logically arranged and the atmosphere in the shop just so.

The tailoring department in the crypt is always worth a visit.  I am perplexed however that H&C do not thus far include their suits in their online store.

IMG_2317I am not clear why that is. Competitors like Charles Tyrwhitt and T M Lewin include suits in their online store, so H&C is in danger of being left behind.  However, I suspect it might have to do with stock levels.

If you get a chance H&C’s flagship store is well worth a visit, the next time you are in London.



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