H&C Accessories

I am a big fan of H&C formal shirts. I have around a dozen in my collection.  However, interestingly I don’t have anything else from H&C apart from my cord blazer.

At one level, that is unusual for me. I tend to have a collections of shirts, ties and cufflinks from my  favourite outfitters. But interestingly I have nothing but shirts from H&C.


At another level, there is nothing especially unusual about this. I tend to go to different outfitters for different things. So for ties I am inclined to go to Charles Tyrwhitt, for cufflinks to T M Lewin, and for shirts to Hawes & Curtis, etc. So i guess if i want accessories, H&C tends not to be my first call.

Nonetheless, H&C do have a great range of accessories, though I have not got yet round to purchasing any of them myself.  Here is a rundown of the some of the best.


H&C have a wide selection of ties in a range of colours, textures and fabrics.  H&C ties are 2 for £40 at the moment and the range includes over 150 different ties including a small number of bow-ties and around a dozen knitted ties.


H&C’s cufflink range represent for me the one weak link in the H&C chain.  Their range is decent enough but lacks real flair.  Having said that the best cufflinks in the range in my view are those bearing the H&C crest.

Bags & Leather Goods

Where H&C have stole a march on the competition is in their leather goods range. This includes belts, wallets and toiletries bags but also includes satchels, briefcases, holdalls and iPad cases.

Other highlights include braces, handkerchiefs, underwear, and a small collection of hats.

Overall H&C have a wide range of accessories for the discerning gentleman.  They are not quite the one-stop gentlemen’s outfitters that places like Charles Tyrwhitt are aiming to be. H&C do not sell shoes or have a casual wear range, for example.  Nonetheless they do offer a wide and interesting range beyond the more commonplace shirts and suits.


What do you think?

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