My Latest H&C Acquisition

I walked into the store simply to browse and there it was: a royal blue corduroy blazer. Patch pockets, tailored fit, silk lining.  And royal blue doesn’t begin to do it’s colour justice. It is a beautiful blue which defies description, with hints of lilac when it catches the light, but looks like a light shade of navy when in low light.

I tried it on.  It fit wonderfully across the shoulders and chest but was ¼ inch too short on the sleeves and at the hem.  The hem was not a problem. It’s a casual blazer so slightly shorter works well.  The sleeve length is a little more problematic but within acceptable margins.


Then as I looked at the label, that just made the blazer all the more attractive. Hawes & Curtis. Jermyn Street. However, this was not an H&C shop.  Rather it was T K Maxx. I guess the blazer may have been from last season, which might explain how it ended up in TKM.  Not that I cared too much.

The question was, did I really need another blue blazer?  I already had two in my collection, one in navy and the other in very pale blue.  I concluded that there was space for one more not least as this one split the difference in colour between navy and pale blue.

IMG_2324Even better I’ve wanted a corduroy blazer for some years now and have simply not come across one which appealed to me. This one did, and the fact that it was from H&C just made it better.

I confess that I’ve never seen Blazers in the H&C shop, though they do stock plenty of suits.  So it was great to be able to add one to my collection. Best of all, I’m loving it.


2 thoughts on “My Latest H&C Acquisition

  1. Lovely stuff. I went into TK Maxx about three weeks ago and they had a few navy blue cotton H&C blazers hanging up. Fearing that my partner would kill me if I purchased another blazer, I reluctantly put the one I was holding onto back. By the time she came down from the home section, all the blazers had gone. I found myself back in there a couple of Saturdays back and found there was one on a rail, albeit with a button in need of reattachment. I ummed and ahhed for a while, but left it where it was. Went back yesterday and they had one in the clearance for £43. Again, I repeated the previous rigmarole, leaving empty-handed. I spent a disproportionate amount of time yesterday, thinking of the blazer I’d left behind so decided to return this morning determined to buy it. Now she’s hanging up in my wardrobe and the blazers gods must have been smiling on me as overnight it had been further reduced to £29!

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