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One of the great things about Hawes & Curtis is the experience of browsing in its stores. If you’ve never been, it is worth making a visit to their flagship store at 33-34 Jermyn Street. It’s large and runs over 3 floors: formal shirts on the ground floor and fashion shirts and womenswear on the first floor, with tailoring in the lower ground (basement is too crude a description for the most intimate floor of the three.

Whenever I’m in Central London for meetings, as I am later this week, I try to find a reason to pop onto Jermyn Street and see what is new in H&C. H&C operate 28 shops in Britain and 1 in Germany. If you live in the South you are pretty well served by 9 shops in Central London including, inexplicably, two on Jermyn Street, in addition to 10 more in the South East.

If, like me, you live in the North of England, however, your H&C options are more limited with only 4 shops in the midlands, 3 in the North and 2 in Scotland. In short there are 19 stores in the SE and only 9 in the rest of the country.Hawes & CurtisHowever, if you live nowhere near a H&C, all is not lost. If you are happy to shop online, that is. H&C have just relaunched their website: The website was pretty good to begin with. Now it is much better. The size and quality of the images has been improved. The material has been grouped into logical arrangements.

Even better, they have been wise enough to leave the best bits well enough alone. The handy View All button has been retained, for example. One of the best bits of the H&C website is a live stock count. When you place an order the number left in stock reduces immediately. Moreover, if you are thinking about ordering something you can see how many are left in stock in your size.Pink ginghamUnfortunately, some shortcomings are also carried over. It is not easy to save hi-resolution pictures from the website, unlike their closest Jermyn Street competitors (something that’s useful for this blog).

Nonetheless, the website is a big improvement and a great boon for those who are not within easy reach of Central London. H&C also ship overseas so nearly anywhere in the globe you can access the riches of the H&C stock list.

A word to the wise, if you are buying online make sure know your size so that you can buy with confidence.


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