1913–2013: 100 Years of Hawes & Curtis

Hawes & Curtis, one of my favourite Outfitters, are celebrating their centenary year.  This week I’ll be giving a bit of an H&C focus to the 5YP blog.

H&C’s claim to fame are their shirts.  They claim to have invented the cut away collar for their most famous client, the Duke of York.

I love H&C shirts, in particular the St James range.  H&C shirts are, of course, well made, as one would expect of a Jermyn Street outfitter. However you can get well made shirts from any number of retailers.


What really sets H&C shirts apart in my opinion is the range of interesting fabrics, the vibrancy of the colours, and the range of fits for every body shape, from classic, to tailored, to slim.

In addition, as a fan of the Winchester shirt, I appreciate the fact that H&C appear to have a greater inclination than many to add white contrasting collar and cuffs to a wide range of their fabrics.

H&C shirts come in two broad categories, fashion shirts and formal shirts. H&C Fashion shirts typically come in bright colours, vivid patterns and prominent collars. They are designed to be worn on weekends and evenings rather than weekdays.

Fashion shirt

H&C formal shirts, in contrast, are a little subtler; they are equally at home in the boardroom as in a courtroom.

I find the fashion shirts a little too loud for my tastes however the formal shirts are right up my street. My favourite is the St James Slim fit, a number of which feature in my shirt collection.

Right now H&C are running a promotion on their shirts which begin from £19.13 each, which is a great value.  So if you are looking to add some shorts to your collection H&C are worth a visit.  H&C offer shirts for women as well as men.


What do you think?

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