Outrageous Cords

Today does feel like the unofficial start of autumn.  Up to yesterday we were enjoying the warmest and driest summer since 1996. Today, however, was grey with a chill in the air and rain all day. It is probably not quite cold enough for cords as yet but their day is coming soon.

Corduroys divide opinion. My wife thinks that they are the preserve of the middle-aged and, I suspect, would prefer that I didn’t wear them.  I, on the other hand, think that cords have a certain ‘chilled out chic’ about them that makes them subtly different from chinos or moleskins.

White eccru cord, CordingsAt this point in the year most retailers have already launched their autumn ranges, and one of the surprising features is outrageous cords.

Cords are most often found in autumnal colours: brown, burgundy, green, tobacco, grey, and navy. This autumn, however, there are a number of funky colours as well.  If you’ve ever fancied your cords in bright red, raspberry, sky blue or salmon, for example, now is your moment.

Cords are generally pretty conservative and have a reputation of being worn by geography teachers and nerdy professors. So to have a conservative material like corduroy in an outrageous colour like raspberry just makes it all the more noteworthy.

Salmon Cords, Charles TyrwhittM&S have quietly slipped a number of outrageous colours into their Sartorial Luxury winter weight corduroys range including bright red, raspberry, and sky blue. Not to be outdone, Charles Tyrwhitt counters with its range including salmon, pea green, and teal.

For those with big budgets and a penchant for bright cords you might give cordings.co.uk a try. The upside is that you can find cords in pretty much any colour you can imagine. The downside is that they will cost £99 compared to £49.95 at Charles Tyrwhitt and £39.50 from M&S.

Outrageous cords.  Worth a look.


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