Dress Like A Man

There comes a point in a man’s life when he really ought to start dressing like a man and no longer like a boy.  That point will vary on the maturity of the man in question and the nature and level of responsibility he carries.

There are some men, and I suspect that you can think of one right now without trying too hard, who seem never to have made that transition.  There are others, like the young man I was in conversation with earlier this week, who make that transition in the first half of their 20s.

What does it mean to dress like a man?  For starters it means that you want to dress in a mature way; to convey something of the gravitas that a man worthy of respect possesses. However it does not mean that you start to dress like your father (unless he is very stylish indeed).

man-wearing-a-suit-tie-and-a-vestIf you are going to dress like a man I suggest that you need some decent shoes. It might (just) be acceptable that schoolboys go around with their toes poking out of the edges of their shoes or with muddy and scruffy shoes.  A man understands that shoes need to be cleaned and cared for with some regularity

As a university student it may be acceptable to wear trainers with virtually everything and a sweatshirt and hoodie with everything else. But in the world of work you need to get a wardrobe together.  5-year project anyone…?

For a boy, a formal occasion might require no more than a shirt and tie. (And trousers obviously….) For a man, a formal context requires a suit.  And that suit needs to be made from cloth. Not leather or some other ‘exotic’ material.


Dressing like a man means that you don’t think that a tie is off limits, a blazer is old fashioned, or that skinny jeans are the bees knees.

Moreover, dressing like a man means that you do not feel the need constantly to chase the latest fashion trends, however ill advised they may be. Instead, dressing like a man is about discovering timeless style which is elegant and sober and will continue to be so a decade from now.

classic-manPerhaps most importantly, dressing like a man is to take a little pride in your appearance. You recognise that the people you encounter draw impressions about you, rightly or wrongly, positively or negatively, based on what they see before them.

If they see someone who has not transitioned his wardrobe from boyhood to manhood they may draw the not unreasonable conclusion that neither has he transitioned in maturity.

But that’s just what I think.  What do you think?


What do you think?

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