Stock up on Shoe Trees

My appreciation of shoe-trees is well documented. In a perfect world one should have a shoe-tree for every pair, ideally in cedar wood. The better shoe trees are made of unvarnished cedar which absorbs moisture (all feet sweat) and deodorises. The best ones are double tube and adjustable so that they fit she shape of your shoes.

Jones Bootmaker are my favourite place to source shoe trees as they stock a fabulous double tube cedar tree.  The RRP is £38 but every summer they drop the price dramatically, so they are currently on sale for only £20.

Diplomat 2

Interestingly each summer the price increases marginally. 4 years ago my first trees from Jones were on sale for £17.25.  The following year they were £18 and last summer they were £19.  So it is not a surprise that they are now £20. However this represents a real bargain and a genuine saving from the RRP.

My practice is to buy shoe–trees whenever I buy new shoes, and to factor these into the price of each new pair. However, it is not always the case that I can find shoe–trees at such bargain prices when I need them.


So this summer I’ve decided to try to get ahead of the curve by stocking up on shoe trees now that the prices are low. Not only have I bought shoe trees for a few pairs that I’ve not got round to, I’ve bought more trees than I need at the moment.  The idea being that if (when) I come across a pair of shoes that I can’t resist I will already have a pair of shoe trees ready for them.

I commend the same action to you. But you will need to act quickly. The Jones sale will end in the next few days.  Don’t be put off if your local store does not have the number of pairs you want in your size.  My local store offered to order in the number of pairs I required as long as I was prepared to pay for them up front.


Alternatively, you might try ordering them online via the website.  In my case the online site suggested that there were no more in stock in my size but my local store was able to order some in for me nonetheless.

So if you’ve been meaning to address the chronic shoe–tree shortage in your wardrobe now’s your opportunity.  Your shoes will appreciate it.


What do you think?

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