Manly Pink?

I like pink.  It is a very versatile colour.  A pink shirt can be worn with a very wide range of trousers or suits. Whether black or grey, navy, blue or even green, pink works with it.  It is also a lively colour; a shade more vivid than the more typical blues, whites or greys which are our lot as men.

However, I confess that above these compelling reasons there is another reason that I like pink. It has a certain je ne sais quoi about it, a certain edginess because unlike blue, which is a man’s colour, pink isn’t really ours.  So I find that whenever I wear pink I get a lot of comments, not all of them complimentary.


A pink shirt or tie, hardly attract attention these days, unless perhaps when worn together. However, pink chinos or pink braces are another matter altogether.  And pink shoes are just a big no-no.

Recently I was wearing pink braces (aka suspenders) with pink chinos.  The braces were concealed under my jacket, as they should be.  Braces constitute a form of underwear, after all, and so are not really designed to be visible.  However, it was a warm day so I took my jacket off as I sat down for a meeting.

No one had commented about the pink chinos but the pink braces were apparently a step too far for some in the room. So for the next few moments rather than dealing with the agenda before us my clothing became the topic of conversation. Some were in favour, others were against, I was embarrassed.


However, it did strike me, and not for the first time, how unconventional a man in pink can be for many.  Even in the 21st century, especially in the relatively conservative circles to which I belong, the idea of manly pink can still be a little problematic.  The irony is that the idea that pink is for girls is a 20th century construction.  However some ideas die hard.

For my part I still like pink.  But it takes a self confident man to wear it.

Apologies for the long radio silence.


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