What to Wear to Work on a Summer’s Day

Today we had a summer’s day in the North East of England. If you are reading this in a part of the world where summer days are not infrequent I’m happy for you.  It would be understandable if you failed to see what is the big deal about a single summer’s day. 

However, given that summer days in my part of the world have been all too infrequent so far this year, this was a day of which I wished to make the most.  Tomorrow rain is forecast and for all I know we could be back to snow for the weekend.  So what to wear on my one summer’s day this week?

I normally Plan My Weekly Wardrobe on a Saturday.  The upside is that I can get all my ironing for the week ahead done in a big hit, usually on a Saturday evening. The downside is that what I select does not take into consideration variations in weather.Summer SuitingToday, for example, I had planned to wear a black suit with a black Bengal striped shirt from T M Lewin and white spotted black tie.  It is a pretty sober looking combination but smart. Nonetheless, it is not great for a summer’s day. However, I am sure it will be fine for the rainy day forecast tomorrow.

So I found myself having a wardrobe crisis this morning.  I didn’t want to wear what I had planned, but didn’t have a suitably summery alternative immediately in mind.  So I ended up doing precisely what I aim to avoid in the mornings: deciding what I want to wear, having the get the iron out, making a decision quickly.

If there is a downside to having a wardrobe with breadth and depth it is this: deciding which of your 50 shirts to wear today can take a little time….Pink chino hackettWhat I had, at least, decided was that today might be the day to break out my new pink chinos. If you are going to wear pink trousers, better to do it when the sun is shining, methinks.  You can get away with a lot in the sunshine.

The question is what to wear with pink chinos?  Especially when wearing them to work?  I needed some formality, so a blazer of some kind was a given.  Moreover, it was a bright day but it wasn’t a hot day; so a blazer would be a wise move in terms of keeping reasonably warm. Navy is a possibility with pink but a sunny day probably would favour a lighter colour, so I opted for gray.IMG_1881Deciding what colour shirt to choose took far longer than it should have, as I tried to work out whether any of the shirts I had already ironed would work with a gray blazer and pink chinos. Regrettably they did not.  Eventually I settled on a plain white shirt.  Then I had to iron the blessed thing. This is the reason I get my ironing done on a weekend…..  grumble, grumble, grumble.

I had toyed with an offwhite shirt with gray stripes but since the blazer was striped I thought I better not overload on the stripes. Having said that, I did opt for a blue and navy barber striped tie.  The piece de resistance I thought were the gray suede brogues.IMG_1882Subtle highlights included pink cufflinks, pink and white gingham check pocket square, and socks in gray with pink and darker gray spots, a Christmas gift from my son.

I was pretty pleased with the outcome, and with the fact that the promised summer sunshine did indeed show up.

I was slightly upstaged by my fabulous daughter though…

Upstaged... Red Doc Martins trump suede brogues. It's her birthday so I'll let it pass this once.
Upstaged… Red Doc Martins trump suede brogues.
It’s her birthday today so I’ll let it pass this once.

Here’s the full ensemble breakdown:

Taupe Linen pinstriped Blazer, Marks & Spencer

White twill shirt, Racing Green

Pink chinos, Maine New England

Pink & Navy striped tie, M&S

Grey suede brogues, Ben Sherman

Pink cufflinks, Debenhams

Pink gingham cotton pocket square, Tesco. 

Sunglasses, street vendor somewhere in France.  (In response to a reader’s request I am planning a post on sunglasses.  Look out for it in coming days/weeks).

What do you think?


What do you think?

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